Does Tabex Really Work As A Smoking Cessation Aid?

Introduction: Trying to quit smoking is difficult and the search for effective remedies can be disheartening. Cytisine, known commercially as Tabex, has been licensed in certain countries of Eastern Europe as a smoking cessation aid over 60 years and has shown promising results.

This blog post looks at the effectiveness and safety of using Tabex tablets as a method of quitting cigarettes or other cessation products. It also includes reviews from customers who have used this medication and comments from doctors about its effectiveness, so that readers can make an informed decision before trying it for themselves.

Are you ready to explore if Tabex really works? Let’s dive right in!

Key Takeaways

  • Tabex is derived from an extract of the laburnum tree and has been licensed for use as a smoking cessation aid in several countries for over 40 years.
  • Clinical studies have shown that Tabex helps to reduce nicotine craving and withdrawal symptoms, making it an effective smoking cessation aid.
  • User reviews generally support the efficacy of Tabex, with many claiming improved concentration and increased energy levels after quitting smoking due to its help.

What is Tabex and how does it work?

What is Tabex and how does it work
What is Tabex and how does it work

Tabex is a smoking cessation product derived from an extract of the laburnum tree and has been licensed for use as an aid to quit smoking in several countries for over 60 years. It is marketed under different brand names, such as Cytisine or Desmoxan.

Tabex works by mimicking the effects of nicotine on minimal dosages to stimulate certain pathways in the brain without providing any intoxicant effect, effectively reducing cravings and withdrawal symptoms.

The active ingredient in Tabex – cytisine – has high affinity binding with nicotinic receptors which are responsible for stimulating dopamine production when nicotine binds with them.

Using this property, Tabex gradually reduces withdrawal symptoms to lower susceptibility towards relapse amongst smokers trying to quit without causing any kind of intoxication associated with nicotine consumption or other chemicals found in traditional cigarettes.

In terms of safety according to clinical studies, taking 6 tablets per day (the recommended dosage) showed no serious side effects beyond mild digestive discomfort like nausea or diarrhoea and headaches; though people have experienced more severe reactions at higher doses than advised so it’s important that patients strictly follow the Tabex instructions on how much they should take.

Efficacy and Safety of Tabex

Clinical studies have shown that Tabex helps to reduce nicotine craving and withdrawal symptoms, making it an effective smoking cessation aid.

Clinical studies

There have been several clinical studies conducted to ascertain the effectiveness of Tabex as an aid in smoking cessation. The key findings of these studies are summarised below:

Single Center TrialCytisine was found to be more effective than placebo in helping people quit smoking.
Study on Tabex’s Effects on Brain’s Reward PathwaysTabex was found to stimulate the brain’s reward pathways similar to nicotine, helping curb the craving for nicotine in smokers.
Study on Efficacy of a Standard Course of TabexThe standard course of Tabex demonstrated efficacy in aiding attempts to quit smoking.
Rigorous Study on CytisineThe study showed that cytisine (Tabex) is effective for smoking cessation, increasing a person’s chances of quitting smoking by three-fold.

These clinical studies provide robust evidence demonstrating the effectiveness of Tabex in helping smokers quit their habit.

Side effects

Tabex, when taken as advertised, is generally considered safe for most users.

Reviews and Opinions on Tabex

Explore customer reviews, doctor’s review and public opinions on the effectiveness of Tabex as a smoking cessation aid.

Customer reviews

  1. Many customers agree that Tabex helps them to quit smoking and reduce nicotine cravings. They have found it to be an effective alternative or supplement to traditional methods such as patches and gums.
  2. While some customers report going without cigarettes for extended periods, others state that they needed more than one attempt with Tabex in order to successfully quit smoking.
  3. Other positive customer reviews include better concentration and increased energy levels after quitting smoking due the help of Tabex tablets.
  4. User also reported that it has helped them overcome depression induced by withdrawal symptoms of quitting cigarettes .

Doctor’s review

Doctors typically consider Tabex to be a safe and effective smoking cessation aid. While it has not been fully studied, there have been several clinical trials that demonstrate the efficacy of Tabex in helping people quit smoking.

For example, an uncontrolled trial found that smokers who received Tabex were more likely to achieve abstinence at 3 months than those who used a placebo product. Similarly, another study showed that daily use of Tabex was associated with a significant increase in abstinence three weeks after starting treatment compared to placebo.

Furthermore, doctors may suggest Tabex as it contains Cytisine which is derived from laburnum seed husks and is believed to simulate the effects of nicotine on the brain’s reward pathways.

Conclusion and Recommendations

Based on the available evidence, it appears that Tabex can be an effective aid for smoking cessation. Clinical trials have shown that taking Tabex three times a day increases one’s chances of quitting by up to threefold as compared to a placebo.

Furthermore, customer reviews overwhelmingly express their satisfaction with using this drug as a tool for giving up cigarettes and report significantly better results than other methods such as nicotine replacement therapy or hypnotherapy.

On the negative side, some users reported mild but unpleasant side effects which may require medical attention if they become severe or prolonged in duration.

For individuals considering using Tabex for smoking cessation purposes, there are certain considerations before doing so due to its potential safety risks and efficacy when taken without monitoring from healthcare providers under advice through clinical trial data about appropriate dosing regimens and interactions with any existing medications being taken concurrently.

Despite these drawbacks and considerations however, Tabex is widely perceived as an efficient, low-cost alternative to prescription medication like Zyban and could represent potentially cost-effective option for smokers seeking help to quit cigarettes successfully.


1. What is Tabex?

Tabex is a smoking cessation aid, in the form of short-acting cytisine tablets, scientifically proven to reduce cravings and help you stop smoking.

Tabex syndrome was developed by the Bulgarian pharmaceutical company Sopharma AD

2. How does Tabex work as a smoking cessation aid?

Tabex works by binding to nicotine receptors in your body, providing simulated satisfaction from cigarettes without the sensation of nicotine-induced stimulation that comes with smoking tobacco. This reduces quitters’ cravings and helps them stay off cigarettes more easily than other methods such as nicotine replacement therapy or willpower alone.

3. Does Tabex work better than its alternatives?

Yes, clinical studies have shown that continuously taking one tablet per day over three weeks can generate up to an 85% chance for smokers indicating they are able to quit successfully at 6 months follow-up compared to 66% success rate for those taking part in Nikorette patches programme..

4. Is there anything else I should consider when using tabex before giving up on my habit?

Although quitting can be challenging, results vary from person to person depending on individual commitment.. quiiters are recommended to take regular supervised doses of tabex along with aiming at being emotionally readythrough setting realistic goals and sticking with it thus increasing their chances of breaking free from this deadly addiction naturally!

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